Storage Above ground  
PELA's Above-Ground Storage Tank experience includes:
  • Development and implementation of site assessment plans
  • Soil sampling and analysis
  • Installation, development and sampling of monitoring wells
  • Determination of remedial alternatives
  • Design, installation, and operation of the selected remediation system
PELA's clients are always informed of the stages and progress of an Above-Ground Storage Tank investigation. For prospective clients we are providing a brief summary of the stages of an Above-Ground Storage Tank investigation.

A typical project would include:
  1. A phased investigation to determine the source and spread of contamination
  2. The development and implementation of a corrective action plan
  3. The completion of a Risk Based Corrective Action Plan Evaluation to be reviewed by the government agency with jurisdiction over the site
Upon review of the Evaluation by the government agency, a determination will be made as to whether corrective action should continue, or if a No Further Action determination should be granted.

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