LandscapeThe continued, rapid, movement of people and businesses from urban centers to suburban and rural areas with the resulting conversion and development of forest and farm lands to residential and commercial structures, has made watershed management more necessary and complex than ever before.

Protecting our land from erosion and our water from contamination resulting from development and the resulting storm water run-off has become a necessity.

Proper storm water management focuses not only on the amount of storm water runoff and its effects on erosion, but on the quality of the storm water entering surface water bodies and groundwater. Proper planning begins with a watershed management plan.

Watershed management plans contain two components. The first component is the development of a comprehensive land use plan to establish what impact development will have on the quantity of storm water runoff and resulting erosion.

The second component requires the concerned municipality to address known sources of contaminants and to establish priority water sources needing protection from both known and nonpoint source contaminants.

PELA GeoEnvironmental has helped municipal entities develop their watershed management plans for large lakes and river watersheds in response to explosive growth. For more information on specific projects, please contact PELA for more information.

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