SinkholePELA GeoEnvironmental professionals are internationally recognized experts in the geology and hydrology of karst aquifers.

Karst areas present unique hydrogeologic and engineering challenges because they are often characterized by sinkholes, underground (cave) streams, and major springs. PELA has performed major investigations of karst areas for environmental and engineering purposes around the world.

PELA professionals have engaged in karst investigations in a wide variety of scenarios, including:

  • Ground-water and surface-water hydrology
  • Water supply development and management
  • Wellhead and springhead protection
  • Waste disposal
  • KarstSite assessment
  • Development and recovery of natural resources
  • Environmental permitting and remediation
  • Geotechnical studies

Specific PELA projects in karst areas include:

  • Performing ground-penetrating radar studies to identify areas of potential karstic subsidence or collapse
  • Selecting and constructing a new route for a natural gas pipeline
  • Developing a plan for dewatering associated with underground mining of limestone, including ground-water investigations, aquifer pumping tests, and monitoring
  • Conducting numerous contamination assessments and designing and installing the appropriate ground-water monitoring networks
  • Providing expertise and testimony for litigation regarding sinkholes and subsidence
  • Conducting remedial investigations of ground water at twenty-two sites on a military complex

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