GROUND WATER (Environmental)

picGroundwater plays an important role in many environmental investigations, either as a resource to be protected or as a transport mechanism for contamination.

The staff at PELA GeoEnvironmental includes hydrogeologists who specialize in the study of groundwater.

PELA’s services can be proactive or reactive. If your site has the potential to release contaminants into the local groundwater PELA can assist you by determining the rate and direction of local groundwater flow as well as the time it will take to impact areas off your site. We can provide you with a plan of action should an accidental spill occur.

If contamination is occurring or has already occurred, PELA’s professionals can help you minimize the impacts to groundwater on and off your site as well as developing and implementing a plan for corrective action. PELA’s staff has the knowledge and experience to work with Local, State and Federal Regulators to ensure your cleanup is performed as rapidly as possible.

Whether you are looking for groundwater protection or contamination mitigation PELA has the staff of professionals to service your needs.

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We have extensive experience with underground storage tanks and environmental site assessments.

Information on our project experience can be found here.

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