SiteEnvironmental Site Assessments have become a routine part of commercial real estate transactions and environmental investigations. To avoid liability, a qualified professional should be retained to perform a thorough assessment.

PELA staff performs Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for clients such as lenders, attorneys, property owners, industries, developers, and insurance companies. ESAs performed by PELA are done so in accordance with ASTM standards.

Our professional geologists (P.G.) and engineers (P.E.) have received specialized training and certifications in the performance of ESAs, including registrations and certifications as a Registered Environmental Property Assessor, Certified Environmental Auditor, and a Registered Environmental Manager.

SiteFor prospective clients, the following is an explanation of what an ESA is and what to expect while the ESA is being prepared.

ESA's Defined
An Environmental Site Assessment is a report prepared to determine if a piece of property is contaminated.

The need for an ESA may be triggered by a real estate or corporate transaction, as well as a regulatory action.

ESA’s are conducted in phases: Phase I and Phase II, followed by any necessary contaminated soil and water remediation:

  • Phase I: Consists of a records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, and report to determine if recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are associated with the property itself, as well as the surrounding area. If RECs are identified in a Phase I, then a Phase II assessment may be necessary.

  • Phase II: Specific to the piece of property and includes further research and sampling of suspected areas of contamination including asbestos assessments, lead-based paint determinations, wetland delineations, and any other necessary analysis.

  • Remediation: Includes remediation or removal of recognized environmental conditions or contamination identified during the previous phases.

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