After 50 years of providing environmental consulting and engineering services, PELA GeoEnvironmental has developed a reputation among its clients for excellence.

Here are what just a few of our clients have to say about the services we have provided them:

"In a timely and efficient manner, PELA performed assessment and remedial activities and coordinated efforts of subcontractors (excavation tank testing soil disposal) to complete the projects as fast and cost-effective as possible. During the process, PELA ensured that the environmental regulations of the states where the assessments were conducted were followed."

Stephen Greenough
American Nonwovens

"With EL TECH not being located in Alabama and not having an active presence at the site, PELA's ownership of the ELTECH project and dedication to its success was extremely beneficial and critical to the overall success of our efforts.

PELA has consistently completed the tasks required for Part B compliance, as well as various related tasks requested by EL TECH to provide and promote regulatory compliance and harmony.

PELA completed all tasks in a timely and professional manner. PELA's willingness to schedule items on very short notice to meet EL TECH deadlines has proven to be one of the most appreciated of the many benefits we have enjoyed over our long business relationship. "

- (Regarding services provided by PELA at closure
of EL TECH Tuscumbia, AL site)

Denise Dolce Lakatos
Corporate Environmental Affairs Supervisor
EL TECH Systems Corporation

"P&M Coal Mining Company, Inc. wishes to extend appreciation for the efforts made to complete the cultural resource survey of over 4,000 acres at the North River Mine. The project was completed in a timely manner, within the proposed budget requirements, and led to the Alabama Historical Commission concurring with the project findings.

I would gladly recommend PE LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. in the future for work of this type. PELA has always done a good job on various studies and problem solving for P&M Coal Mining Co. and ChevronTexaco. "

-Mike Watts
Resident Engineer
The Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Co.
North River Mine

"PERC Engineering Co., Inc. has been very satisfied with the working relationship we have developed with PE LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. over the past three (3) to four (4) years. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of work and the turnaround time on the numerous projects that PE LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. has performed for us. We look forward to working with you in the future and would highly recommend PE LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc."

-Keith Madison, P.G.
PERC Engineering, Co., Inc.

"On behalf of my clients and myself, thank you for the expertise and dedication you brought to the referenced matter. Your thorough scientific investigation, explanation of your findings, and fundamental soundness of your conclusions were essential.

A favorable settlement of the case was obtained only because [opposing counsel and management] were convinced of your ability to prove the legal causation necessary for establishing its liability.

Working with you was a pleasure. Your friendliness, good nature, and cooperative spirit eliminated much of the drudgery from trial preparation. Dedication to the project lead you to meet with me outside of normal business hours. [My clients] appreciated your concern for them as people, not just as clients. "

- C. Jackson Perkins. Esq.
Attorney at Law
Birmingham, AL

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